How to make free calls and chats?

In order to make free calls the other person has to have the Vippie app installed on his/her smartphone or tablet or PC. Those friends who use Vippie will appear with a status icon next to their picture in the Contacts menu in Vippie. The icon shows presence and also indicate that you can use all free communication features like free call, free video, free chat and sending attachments. If you do not see any contact with the status icon it means that no one from your contacts uses Vippie yet. In this case just let your friends know about Vippie, when they join to Vippie you will be instantly notified and they will appear as Vippie contact.

How to make calls to non Vippie (paid)

Vippie OUT is our service for calling to non Vippie (offnet) numbers which can be regular mobile and landline numbers. We try to offer the most competitive rates while ensuring decent quality. To use Vippie out you need to top up your account first. Also before you make a call you can see information about the cost of the call per minute, it is shown in dollars. Billing is per second.

How to earn credit?

Invite your friends to join Vippie. Once they join ask them to go to Share your love menu and there to choose your contact as the person who invited them. You will get 0,20 $ from each person who confirmed that were invited by you.

Why do you need my phone number?

It is basically to make the registration process as easy as possible, you can use your phone number as your login to the service, also others who have your number in their Contacts on their phones will be immediately notified that you are a Vippie user now. Since then next to your Contact name in their phone there will be the Vippie status icon. If you do not want to register using your number you can create a Vippie ID, it is just a service username like in Skype. Others will be able to call you if you give them your Vippie ID.

How to find friends who also use Vippie?

Using “Find friends” option, you can easily search for your friends using their email, password or nickname.

How to find my friend who also uses Vippie?

Go to Find friends menu and there you can search for users by name, Vippie ID, phone number or email address. How your friend can be found depends on his/her settings in My profile section. Also to let other find you do not forget to fill relevant fields in your My Profile menu in Vippie.

Is there a Vippie version for Windows or Mac?

Vippie is available on PC and Mac, check out: https://www.ivippie.com/#download

Can I use Vippie on a tablet?

Yes, with Vippie for tablet, you can make free voice calls and video calls, call mobiles and landlines, send instant messages, and share files with other people on Vippie.

Do I have to allow for uploading my phone contacts?

No, it is not necessary. Uploading the Contacts serves two things, one is that the phone numbers and emails are checked if they are registered in Vippie service. If they are they will be automatically shown in your Contacts as Vippie users. If you do not allow still you can add Vippie users manually using Find a user menu.

Vippie Out – Where can I see the rates?

If you use dialpad, you can see rate for actual number. All rates you can check in Vippie app, in tab “Account” or on our website: https://www.ivippie.com/check-rates/

How do you bill calls?

It is per second, in dollars, rates are shown per minute.

How can I recharge my account?

You can top up your account directly through the application on your device or our website: https://www.ivippie.com/offers/

What are phone number prices?

From 8$/3 months, check out: https://www.ivippie.com/offers/

How to share one Vippie account on two or more phones?

You can set your own password in “My profile”, you will then loggin on two or more devices, thanks to Vippie ID/phone number and password.

What are the packages?

It’s 1000 minutes to call countries of your choice. You can save up to 50%. Remember – calling Vippie to Vippie users is always for free.

Do I have to pay for them monthly?

No, you don’t. Each package lasts for 30 days and expires after that period with no further costs.